In the year 1874, William Fall, a Christian only, set out to find others like himself in the Martin area. Fall lived with his wife and daughter about seven miles southeast of Martin. Soon he located J. H. Westmoreland of Gardner and W. J. Burchard of Martin. The three Falls, along with the Westmoreland and Burchard families, assisted by B. T. Bondurant and a Mrs. Evans of Sharon, founded the Martin church of Christ. J. H. Roulhac of Union City was asked to hold a meeting for the group and apparently preached for them when they met for worship.

Within the next five years, Mrs. W. J. Burchard, M. M. Burchard, Miss. Jenni Dibrell, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Glass and Dr. G. W. Dibrell were added to the Lord’s church here. This was destined to be the home for the Martin church of Christ for more than seventy-five years...

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The Martin congregation has 3 ministers that work with different groups and areas. They work under the oversight of our eldership.

  • Ricky Phillips

    Pulpit Minister

  • Jarrod Bailey

    Campus Minister

  • Aaron Dodson

    Youth & Family Minister


1 Timothy 3:1-7

We are lead by 7 men known as elders. According to scripture, a qualified group of men serve as the shepherds for the local congregation. These overseers function to watch over the souls of the members.

  • Ron Ayers


    Song Leaders


  • Danny Cash


  • Johnny Vincent


  • Phillip Vallee



  • Johnny Shanklin



1 Timothy 3:8-13

Working under the oversight of the elders, we have 20 qualified men who serve as deacons. Each deacon works in a specific area or ministry to serve the needs of the congregation.

Our current deacons are: Michael Cantrell, Kelley Cross, Wade Harder, Shane Higgs, Bubba Kelly, Chris Kelly, Jason Melton, Doug Monroe, Kirk Moore, Sammy Ogg, Scotty Ogg, Ty Parker, Chris Pritchett, Allen Pounds, Andy Rea, Bill Rea, Ed Robison.