Re-Gathering for Worship on June 7th!

Just a friendly reminder...

1. Beginning on June 7, there will be a worship service at 9:00 AM in the auditorium and at 9:00 AM in

the Activities Building.

2. On June 7, Connect Teams A C E will meet in the auditorium and Connect Teams B D F will meet in

the Activities Building. These groups will alternate locations each week. We ask you to attend with your

Connect Team so we can better control the numbers in each facility. Your Connect Team leader should

be in touch with you each week to remind you where your Team will be worshiping. If you do not know

which Connect Team you are on, please contact the office.

3. It is possible you feel uneasy about attending in a crowd due to health issues or because you are

caring for someone elderly or with underlying health issues. If so, we encourage you to remain at home

and watch the live stream for the time being. We are sure that the Lord will understand.

4. We will still be on the radio and live streaming the service. Communion will still be available inside

the front doors for those who remain at home. If you need us to deliver communion to you, please call

the church office or one of the elders.


We would love for you to be our guest for worship and Bible class.

Worship & Bible Study Times

We meet together on the first day of each week for worship and Bible Class. And on Wednesday nights we meet for a brief worship period and more Bible study.


AM Worship  9 AM

Bible Class  10 AM

PM Worship  6 PM

**Each month on the 3rd Sunday instead of our 6 PM worship, 

we have a 12:30 PM worship.**


Bible Study  7 PM